A glorious winters morning in Christchurch to document a family shoot.

    So this was my first family shoot. As you guys know I predominantly shoot weddings. I would love to shoot more family shoots, branding, commercial stuff but I physically don’t have the time until I go fulltime. Weddings and my couples are what I concentrate all my spare time in.

    Adam came to me in December and said he’d like to get Kaye a Christmas present of a family photo shoot. Of course, I said I would love to, with only one wedding in February and then nothing till May.

    We talked about locations and I said about Hegistbury in Christchurch. I love this place and the fact Adam and his family hadn’t been there before was even better, as I knew they would like it.

    He asked how it would work, in terms of what I would capture. I have known Adam and Kaye for years so I was completely honest with him and said this was my first and I would just document them on a morning out at the beach. That is my passion. Documentary. Nothing staged. I just told them to ignore that I was there. Obviously the children will play up in front of the camera but that’s fine and to be expected.

    Talking of children, let’s talk about them. Sienna, Ava, Zara, and Mya. Not just beautiful names, such amazing girls. All with their only little unique personalities. I get on really well with children but I was nervous because you can never tell how they will react. Well, I can tell you we had a blast, we got on so well that they were arguing between each other in the cafe after as to who got to sit next to me haha!!!

    Anyway, without further ado here is a few pictures from our morning. I absolutely loved it.


    Kaye, these are beautiful pictures. Such lovely memories to cherish xx

    Adam, thank you so, so much! I couldn’t have asked for a better present! The photo’s are fantastic and the location was beautiful, it was everything we wanted from a family shoot! You were absolutely brilliant with the girls and this made it even more enjoyable love The Whittles


    Arrhh!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it myself. I personally love the photos so are so so happy you guys do too.

    Helen bishop-robins

    Adam these are beautiful ❤️
    What a wonderful gift

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