Fine art store

Ive decided against directly selling prints from this site, because i believe it will be to time consuming to update with the volume i take. 

Every image and photo you see on my site has been taken by myself, are in high res and have carefully been edited.

So basically if you like and Photo just send me a message.

I Get them printed at a very high quality standard and an A1 will cost you as little as £60 for a print.

This is the paper i get the photos printed on and if you could see the detail better on the above print i bought for my self i would have an influx of emails asking for prints.

Smooth Cotton 300 Paper 

A 100% cotton based neutral ph fine art paper with an ultra-smooth surface.  The paper’s white base and state of the art coating delivers the highest level of ink load of all the Fotospeed range. The paper will ensure a print life of more than 85 years. 

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