My favourite part of photography. 

Working with a client or designer to try and create their vision. 

Jade Dare

Jade Dare is an online fashion boutique aiming to bring you cute, individual and affordable clothing.

Ive known Jade most of my life and she's always been there for me, so when asked if i could take her out for a photo shoot i jumped at the chance.

She was so easy to work with and this gave me greater freedom to express myself creatively, whilst trying to keep the brand key in every shot.

No doubt we will work again very soon in the future.

Click here to see a selection from the photoshoot.


"Adam was a pleasure to work with for my business. He made me feel completley at ease, which is something you need when you are posing infront of a camera. He came up with some lovely ideas that came out really well. Also, the speed of turning the pictures round blew me away, I couldn't have asked for more. You have a real talent Adam, and I can't thank you enough."

Linda Thomas Eco Design

Linda Thomas is the designer behind this Luxury up-cycled clothing company, helping women to celebrate their individual beauty.

Linda's studio is based in Bristol where she individually redesigns and reworks clothing using luxury materials such as Merino wool, Cashmere and Silk.

We met via the social media giant that is Instagram, and immediately struck a cord.  I think the first phone call was 57 minutes long.  My job was to find the location and Linda provided an amazing model in Nina along with hair by Eco friendly Clair Swinscoe-

and fabulous Fair-trade, Fair-mined Jewellery by Viki Pearce.

Considering the harsh weather and damp conditions it was a great shoot had by all.

Here is the final edited shoot...


Adam did a fashion shoot for my ethical clothing brand (Linda Thomas Eco Design). He was lovely to work with and put the model at ease and cared about her well being, giving her simple but not overly intrusive instructions. He was also extremely flexible as on the day it rained a lot and we locked the dresses in the campervan and he managed to get the door open! He listened to exactly what I wanted and most of all the images are a perfect interaction between the landscape and the human. I think he would be ideal for anyone wanting a Wedding / Fashion photographer who is also super talented at capturing the landscape. Incredible speed of getting the photos back to me too. Brilliant.

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