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        // Mr. and Mrs. Potter Tie the knot in style.

        Charlotte and Sam!!!!!! What a day, what a wedding!!  If there was ever a wedding where I thought “I wished these guys had paid for a 2nd photographer to help me” this was it ha ha!!

        Half the time I didn’t know where to point my camera as the music and mayhem kept continuing.

        I think this wedding contains many, many of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken. A testament to the amazing two venues, Charlotte and Sam and the freedom I was allowed with no group shots, no portraits, no cake shot, just purely free to capture the day.

        I was in my element.

        // Patience

        Not a thing we associate with social media and the reading of blogs so here is something far more interesting than my waffle.

        Over to you Charlotte and Sam.




        So how did you guys first meet?

        I went for dinner with my sister and fancied one more drink & went into Charley’s bar in Gillingham where I hadn’t been in years and there was Sam!

        My sister did all the hard work, asked him loads of questions and then told him I liked men to be confident, so he asked for my number!

        How did Sam pop the question?  Anywhere nice?

        We were staying at The Pig, Nr Combe for Sam’s birthday in a beautiful room where we’d stayed for my birthday a few years before (same room) and Sam wrote me a note on the pad in the room.

        He handed it to me saying it was a really important note, as I read it (Will you marry me?) he got down on 1 knee.

        What made you guys choose the venues?

        Sam’s mum & stepdad got married at Hatch House a few years ago. We fell in love with how laid back it was and how beautiful it would be to marry outside – thankfully the weather was gorgeous!

        We had the party on Sam’s stepdads land, which is simply the most beautiful setting.

        What theme was the inspiration for your wedding?

        Simply laid back, relaxed and not too much fuss! A bit of a festival vibe!

        What made you choose “Ho Hey” as your first dance?

        Sams in a band and since I very first saw them play a gig and since then, they play Ho Hey, Lumineers. We love the words and how fun it is!

        Any tips for future bride and grooms planning their big day?

        Do exactly what you want! Don’t feel like you have to follow tradition. Enjoy yourself throughout the planning and the actual day! Don’t get stressed!!!!!!

        Finally, (The best bit of any wedding) where is/was your honeymoon and how was it?

        Minimoon – Went back to The Pig for 1 night- same room as Sam proposed in! And then we went to Mevagissey, Cornwall for a beautifully sunny week.
        Big honeymoon – still planning!!!


        // I hope you enjoy the photos guys.  Any comments really appreciated.

        The day wouldn’t have been possible without these wonderful suppliers.


        These are insane!!! We picked you because you’re incredible, but you’ve really blown us away! You’ve captured every moment perfectly and it shows how much fun we had!!!


        RRRRRRrrr!! It was amazing Charlotte! Id do it all again for sure x

        Absolutely THE best reception I have been to. Two lovely people with the most wonderful group of friends. Incredible pics – Class, Art. Wicked shot along the side of the car


        It really was wasn’t it. Such good fun. The music was insane.

        Super natural photos some of the best I have ever see . Love
        To you both .


        Wow!! Best comment i have ever received. Thank you very much x

        Scott Spencer-White

        Superb Mr Beale!


        Thanks for taking time out of your break mate, to look. Appreciate it x

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